Gus Hansen begins 2010 in style

gus-hansenIn 2009 the Danish Poker icon crushed the high stakes tables in January and ended up winning an astonishing $2,700,000 and by March the winnings accumulated to $4,800,000 and Gus continued to be in the green zone until late April where he begun losing heavily.. Players who have followed the 2009 results know that the year ended with a whopping loss of more than $5,500,000 in total.

10 million dollars lost

A loss of 10 millions in eight months is huge and Gus Hansen came out in December 2009 writing in his blog that it was time to take a break from online poker as he had been playing bad and needed to regroup. This fact is backed by the enormously bad results in 2009 but the break did not last long and Gus Hansen is back in the poker games at Full Tilt pokers high stakes tables and once again he has a splendid January. Even the results is still swinging a lot on a daily basis he has managed to accrue winnings of more than $800,000 so far in January.

Playing HORSE most of the time seems to be a good decision by Gus Hansen who in 2009 had minimum loses in Stud variations/Limit games and massive loses in No Limit and PLO games. Right now Gus Hansen is still the one being followed by the other high stakes players who see him as an easy target but this will change during the next few months in case Gus Hansen stick to his game plan playing HORSE. Gus Hansen and all the action he creates can be followed on Full Tilt Poker where he currently play on a daily basis taking on all opposition trying to show the poker world that his 2009 results simply has to be forgotten. The competitive Danish player is still to be seen table selecting but unless he take some heavy loses in near future then he will continuously fight the best players in the world to show that he can beat them all.

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