Great Odds at Ladbrokes Sports for Capital One Cup Final

Ladbrokes Sports nice picBradford City football club, the League Two ‘underdogs’ who have made the world of football sit up and take notice are playing against League One club Swansea on the 24th of February at Wimbledon for possession of the Capital One Cup. Every ticket has been long sold and the fans are getting ready to head up to the London for this match that will be nothing short of a ‘miracle’ for Bradford City who is fielding a team that cost the best part of £7,500 to put together after a catastrophic financial history that nearly caused the team to become extinct.

Dalai Lama Leader of Tibetan Buddhists Says Yes You Can!

The Bradford City team has enjoyed a series of victories against top teams Aston Villa, Arsenal and Wigan and now they will be playing in front of a packed stadium in the heart of the country watched by fans live and on TV all over the globe. It must have been an astonishing source of inspiration to have received the unsolicited blessings of the Dalai Lama who openly told the press that he wants Bradford City to win especially as they are wearing the colors that are worn by Tibetan Buddhists, amber and deep Red so we need to watch for a ‘superhuman’ effort leading to a Fabulous win that will go down in history. Decide who you think will win and place your bets now at Ladbrokes Sports by setting up an account through our link below. You will be eligible for a sign up bonus in the form of a free bet of up to £50.


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