Gilbert Arenas Poker duel

alg_wizards_gilbert_arenasIt is a well known fact that many sport stars enjoy a game of poker and quite a few very famous stars endorse online poker sites these days. The worlds leading poker room PokerStars have built team PokerStars SportStars where old tennis veteran Boris Becker and NHL super star Mats Sundin both have agreed to be ambassadors for the online poker giant.

Formula 1 driver to Party Poker

Party Poker signed a contract with Formula 1 driver Giancarlo Fisichella to be their spokesperson in Italy and the Swimming Icon of all times Michael Phelps has also admitted to be an avid poker player who loves the game that more than 50 million Americans play on a regularly basis.

Poker which has been fighting for years to be acknowledged as a sport does not need scandals as the one Washington Wizards Gilbert Arenas and Javaris Crittenton are centered for at the moment. The story which can be read in full at the New York Post has everything it takes to be a true setback for poker as a public game that is enjoyable and mind stimulating when played correctly. Thousands of dollars at stake, pistols, unserious behavior during the breaks of games with online poker and a fair amount of NBA stars involved in the high stakes Texas Poker No Limit Hold’Em games does not help to get the online poker situation solved in the US.

Idols for the youngsters

These players are idols for tons of youngsters and have to behave as role models at all times as long as they are famous and in the spotlight. Shame on Gilbert Arenas if he really did pull out 3 pistols in the locker room and hopefully it will have severe consequences both for him in person; as hopefully this incident will make the people responsible in all sporting clubs to implement rules and guidelines regarding gambling amongst the professional sport stars from NBA, NFL, MBA or NHL.

Poker deserve better than this.

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