is back with new Gambling face one of the most popular gambling portals online has finally lifted its Google penalty which has been active since 2007. This will of course increase the domain’s ability to rank much better on Google’s results and thus increase its traffic volume. Media Corporation the company behind revealed last week that the relaunch of the site will be done in conjunction with on-e media a search engine optimization company.

Reduced visibility

The company spokesperson stated that the penalty imposed by Google for unknown reasons had reduced the site’s visibility and leads to reduced traffic and reduced revenues.

In the year ended Sep 2007 the company generated £1.1m and the year after the penalty only £410,000, a reductions of 62%.

Similar incidents are quite common within the industry and SEO expert companies like On-E Media which is UK based and Red Lava Media which is a Cyprus based company are considered to be amongst the leading businesses for solutions on these issues.

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