Full Tilt responds to False Accusations

Full tilt poker has given a response to a lawsuit from two of its client members who allegedly claim that Full tilt is using robots which are artificially intelligent players knows as bots to control poker games and thus boosts the site’s revenue.

$80.000 confiscated

Larry Kennedy and Greg Omotoy are claiming that Full Tilt poker has confiscated $80,000 in United Stated Dollars from their player accounts after acting on a customer tipster that they were being operated by ‘bots’

However, representatives from full tilt poker stated that the accounts of the players under investigation were terminated according to Full tilt’s terms and conditions and in a manner more than appropriate under the circumstances of violations by the players, which were using multiple accounts.

Apparently as Full Tilt reps made clear, multiple player accounts violate not only the terms of the agreement between player and website but they also create an unfair and not equal advantage for the violators that Full tilt Poker or any other reliable and fair gaming Poker operator should and would never accept. The aim of Full tilt is to protect all players at all cost and at all times.

False accusations

Full tilt reps went to state that the two claimant’s false accusations will be revealed in due course and the sad incident of this kind will soon be water under the river.
Rumors from the grapevine are that Full tilt Poker will counter sue the two claimants for defamations and other counter claims which will follow till the very end, without accepting a settlement so that is makes sure that claimants of this kind that only hunt opportunities under false accusations will think again in the future.

Full Tilt did not however respond to other charges in regards with the Racketeer-Influenced Corrupt Organization Act (RICO), stating only that “this erroneous lawsuit and its spurious claims” would be dealt with through the courts.

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