Full Tilt Poker Swag Tournaments Promo Starts Now


Grab your chance now to win FREE exclusive Full Tilt Poker branded merchandise in the latest Swag Tournaments promo launched Friday on the poker platform.

Full Tilt Poker has lined up three Swag Tournaments every day in a promo lasting a full month from Friday 15th April to Sunday 15th May 2016.

Play in one, two or all three daily No Limit Hold’em Swag tournaments at Full Tilt Poker to win exclusive Full Tilt merchandise unique to the prestigious card room’ Crafted by Players for Players’.

The direct buy-ins cost from just $0.50 so everybody can have a go without feeling it in their gaming wallets.


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To Win Your Cool Swag Merchandise


Each daily tournament is dedicated to winning one of the three clothing items branded with the Full Tilt Logo. Play in the Full Tilt Hat tournament, the Full Tilt Hoodie tournament and the Full Tilt T-Shirt tournament every day until you have your complete cool wardrobe to ‘Swag’ in front of your poker mates.

You can win more than one piece of Full Tilt branded merchandise and make unique gifts to your poker buddies who will certainly appreciate the value of such awesome stuff.

The three tournaments start at different times of the day ‘Eastern time’ so make sure that you get the start time right for your own time zone wherever you are in the world.

At 9.45 ET play in the NLH Turbo Swag tournament for just $0.50 buy in.

At 14.45 ET play in the NLH Turbo Swag tournament for just $1 buy in.

At 17.45 ET play in the NLH Turbo Swag tournament for just $2.50 buy in.


The Bigger the Prize Pool The More Swag on Offer at Full Tilt


Full Tilt Poker guarantees that at least one Swag item of merchandise will be offered as a gift for the winner of every Swag tournament. The more players participating in the tournament, the more merchandise up for grabs, it’s as simple as that.

For every $40 in the prizepool, a branded Hoodie will be added to the pile awarded to the players in that Swag tournament. A T-shirt will be added to the prize pile for every $20 in the tournament prizepool and a Full Tilt Cap will be added to the prize stack every time there is an additional $17 in the prizepool.

So join up with your poker buddies and make the most of this brilliant promo while it lasts.


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