Full Tilt Poker sign Tom “Durrrr” Dwan

The rumors have been running for months and Howard Lederer has stated on several occasions that Dwan would be a major personality to sign as a Full Tilt Pro. However no one could have expected Tom “Durrrr” Dwan to become part of Team Full Tilt instead of a Red Pro. Full Tilt have more than 200 big name endorsing the site by now with most of these being Red Pro’s.

Big names in the lineup

Tom Dwan will represent Full Tilt as part of the team consisting of the group of players who originally formed Full Tilt Poker including names such as Howard Lederer, Phil Ivey, Matusow, Seidel and Cunningham. Gus Hansen and Patrik Antonius is the recent players who has been awarded Team Full Tilt membership and this selected team of players now counts a total of 14 members where the Red Pro team has 126 players endorsing Full Tilt Poker at this point in time.

Durrrr who is known to play in the highest cash games live and online are also known for the Durrrr challenge where he offer opponents to pay them $1.500.000 versus them paying him $500.000 if they can beat him for a single cent after playing a total of 50.000 hands. Currently he is in taking on Patrik Antonius in a challenge and Tom Dwan lead the match being up $779.000 with 27185 hands played. It is expected that with the new contract Durrrr have signed, that challenge play from now on will be more consistent as it is great marketing value for Full Tilt Poker and far from what PokerStars can offer railbirds these days.

Durrrr challenge goes on

It will be exiting to follow the next Durrrr challenge as this will most likely involve either Phil Ivey or the French high stakes player David Benyamine and if the rules are changed a bit to ensure long sessions then stamina and tilt control will suddenly affect the challenge result a great part more than today.

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