Full Tilt Poker face yet another lawsuit

On September 11th 2009 the Nevada court system was presented for a law suit against Tiltware, Full Tilt Poker, Pocket Kings Ltd, Pocket Kings Consulting Ltd, Raymond Bitar and Howard Lederer. This was presented by former employee Jason Newiit who claims he has been unfairly fired.

Not alot of information

There is not much more information regarding this potential law suit but the situation will of course escalate as it did when Clonie Gowen sued Tiltware for $40.000.000 a year back. Clonie was not able to provide any proof of any deal between her and Full Tilt Poker regarding her endorsement of the site and had to give up in court.

What causes Jason Newitt to sue the aforementioned companies and private persons are still not revealed but Jason was the guy who forwarded Howard Lederes email to Jimmy Fricke without editing Howard’s answer in regards of Fricke asking for a sponsorship deal.

Howard Lederer directly called Mr. Fricke “The guy’s a freak and a very weird dude. He is also quite young. I think we should stay away” in that email and Jason’s error in not removing this incriminating answer from Howard Lederer might have been an issue ever since.

A former programmer

Being sued once and get of the hook is likely to happen being sued twice and this time from a former programmer and employee who might have been high in the business pyramid at Full Tilt Poker could be a bit more nerve wrecking for the whole crowd around the worlds second biggest poker network. Time will tell when more information is available regarding Jason Newitt vs. Full Tilt Poker.

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