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Our daily readers probably have observed that we closely monitor what the poker market searches for and we daily deliver poker bonus codes for all major poker rooms. The truth is that we have recently observed people not so much familiar with the online poker sites searching terms like full till and full till poker.

Search engines

Due to the fact that search engines are more or less machines they deliver results based on what people search for and not what people in reality would like to find. This is the reason we should explain in this post opportunity that players searching for a full tilt poker referal code or full tilt poker referral codes are most probably misspelling the normal word which is spelled with double r.

The increasing popularity of full tilt poker and the brand awareness which primarily has evolved from mouth to mouth promotion make people think that the name of full tilt poker is full till poker. Well although it is the same brand players should be careful of imitations or other sites trying to call themselves full till.

Be careful

Please be careful with your search entries as you might end up looking at the wrong site. Sites like full till poker might not even exist and of course what they are primarily doing is using the common misspellings of full tilt poker to might even deceive people to join the wrong poker room.

Play Well and Search Carefully!

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