Football Transfer Window Markets at BetVictor Sports

betvictor_180At BetVictor Sports you will find a huge selection of football bets related to the January transfer window with 70 players listed for you to choose from. January is the time when the ‘Transfer Window’ is open and many European Clubs are permitted to transfer players through a scheme that is regulated by individual football associations according to FIFA rules.

The idea was put in place by FIFA during the 2002-2003 season in order to stop players moving from one club to another at any time during the season causing disruption and instability. The English football ‘powers’ were the ones who proposed the plan to FIFA in the 1990s and eventually the bi-annual registration times were included in the FIFA rules under the FIFA regulations on the status and transfer of players.

The January transfer window is the smaller of the two windows lasting just 4 weeks and the large 12 week window is the break between the 2 seasons over the summer months in the Northern hemisphere. The final day of a transfer window can be pushed by a day with special permission if there are valid business reasons such as the final day being a Sunday or Bank holiday.

Will The Rules Be Changed?

Currently some England Premier League managers have expressed a desire for the transfer windows to be scrapped in favour of all year round transfers due to the enormous amount of activity occurring during the permitted transfer period. Players who are unhappy in their clubs are forced to wait for a transfer window before moving causing upset and unhealthy speculation. Punters at BetVictor can now decide where they think the 70 players who are on the list may move to during the January transfer window. Register a new account today at BetVictor Sports using our link below and get a sign up bonus of up to £25.


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