Facebook Poker

The free application, Facebook Poker took the members of Facebook with storm. Actually close to 30 million users play Facebook poker developed by Zynga who also are the company behind the insane popular Farmville application. Facebook poker is all about playing for fun and with free virtual poker chips. There is absolutely no expense for the user of the poker application and if anyone wonder if online poker is legal then the answer is yes regardless if the game is for free or not.

Facebook poker compared

Facebook poker is just one by quite a few poker software’s available to players and common for all of these software’s is that there is no costs attached to download and use the poker software. Players not familiar with online poker often wonder if there are any hidden fees and this is not the case either. It is legal and it is free to play online poker on all poker rooms. The difference between Facebook poker and other poker rooms is that the ladder actually host freeroll poker tournaments where real cash is given away to players that are good enough to reach the places that are paid and the cash one is the players to keep even if the player never make a deposit on the site.

Why real money is given away

Actually poker rooms are taking very good care of their non depositing players and through a year significant amounts are spent on this group of players. Poker is a game of skill and it is definitely more fun if something is at stake. This is the reason that poker rooms give away cash for free since it will make a few percentages of the freeroller’s interested in the game and eventually these players will manage to become so familiar with poker that they play for small stakes to feel how it is to play real poker. Playing for free is a great opportunity but the games are not like real poker. Winning at Facebook Poker is not the same as you can join a real poker room and expect to win there too. At Facebook Poker the players play a lot more hand than is actually warranted because it has no consequences if you lose your play poker chips.

Where to play for fun and win real

Poker is a strategic game where decisions have to be based upon the knowledge about the opponent, the cards you hold and the size of the pot. However all these decisions are more often than not made when there is nothing at stake and therefore free poker played on a real money application tend to be a lot more educational and exiting than it is on Facebook poker.

Play poker online on any of the poker rooms we recommend. It is free, there are no hidden costs but there is real money to be won or even bigger prizes like trip to poker events taking place at exotic destination like Bahamas. Download a few of the poker software’s and find out which one applies the best to you. By clicking the link you will see a selection of software’s where you can play Poker online. Read more about Facebook and Zynga Poker.

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