Face the Ace being sued

Full Tilt Poker newest TV show – Face the Ace are being sued for $85.000.000. The American Brandon McSmith have put in this big Lawsuit against Poker Pro-ductions who are behind the production of this show where amateur players are playing Full Tilt Poke pros for up to $1.000.000.

The original inventor

McSmith claim he is the original inventor of the TV Show and presented the idea to Poker Pro-ductions two years ago but had the idea canned at that point. Now two years later it seems Poker Pro-ductions found room to produce Face the Ace and that the show might use many of Brandon McSmiths original ideas. The production company has produced the highly respected poker programs Poker After Dark and Highstakes Poker as well and with Face the Ace Poker-productions are amongst the biggest poker TV producers in the world.

The concept of Face The Ace is that amateur players can win the rights to play some of the Full Tilt poker professional in a TV show and win up to $1.000.000.

Should the player beat the first Full Tilt Poker pro then the players is $40.000 richer but will be asked to continue or not (Deal or No deal concept). If the player decides to continue and win again the player will have an amazing $200.000 secured. Getting 5 times on the money make it virtually impossible to say not to continued play as no one is that big favorite in a tournament and in Face The Ace the blinds accelerate fairly fast and all amateur players have a decent chance beating the Full Tilt Poker Pros.

A million dollars

Winning the second match once again give the player the opportunity to aim for 5 times the money and walk away with a cool $1.000.000. Face The Ace is an entertaining program but if it is worth $85.000.000 is doubtful. Follow the news regarding this big lawsuit on Bonusriders where we cover all the action between Poker pro-ductions and McSmith.

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