Exclusive $1000 bonus at bwin poker

Our poker players with permanent residence in the UK will be happy to know that we have acquired an exclusive promotional deal from bwin poker which gives UK players only a 100% bonus sign up bonus up to $1000 at bwin poker.

As we realize that this might be a bit unfair from bwin’s side for the rest of the European countries we have acquired a deal for our non UK players for 200% bonus up to €1000 at Classic Poker which is more generous than ever.

You might be thinking how will, bwin know that I’m not from the UK? Well unfortunately computers have become quite smart these days and your computers IP(Internet Protocol) Address will be picked up during sign up and therefore you will be unlocked the $1000 UK only offer that we have acquired for our players.

UK Players can get the $1000 bonus here and International Players(Non UK) Can sign up for the €1000 bonus at Classic Poker here.

Important Note for NON UK players signing up for the $500 bonus at bwin poker*

Bwin Poker has withdrawed the poker bonus code procedure and now offers the exclusive Bwin poker bonus code which is available at its immediate partners in promotional links, players will no more have to enter the STAN500 code during sign up as they have now embedded the code in our promotional links which can be found on the Bwin Poker Bonus Code page.

Sounds Confusing? The procedure of claiming the $500 bonus has now become easier. All you have to do is go the Bwin Poker Bonus Code page and follow the promotional links to the bwin poker landing page for the $500 bonus. All that’s left for you to do is sign up an account and hit the tables. No codes needed! Bwin which is always ahead technologically, has implemented the bonus codes in the links for players seeking the maximum $500 claim bonus.

Offer valid as of date published. T&Cs apply.