Episode 3: 2 Months 2 Million

Team Israel lost $80.000 during their 3rd week in LasVegas. The total score is now +$114.000 with 5 weeks to go and the massive $2.000.000 win they are aiming for seems to slip out of their hands.

A whole week went past without any of the guys putting a lot of hands in on the tables. Dani more or less went out every night and he looked to have had a hard week ending losing $30.000. This is the third consecutive week where the young guy takes a beating and time has come for him to show some moral and seriousness. We will most likely see Brian’s reaction towards Dani’s behavior next week in case the young player does not show he really wants to be part of a winning team.

News about Brian

Brian himself managed to keep the losses down to $4.000 this week even he had his girlfriend visiting and were unable to play a lot.

What took away most attention from the tables was a House War against 4 other young famous poker players. As usual a bet had to be in place but it was great to see that these guys is not all about money as the bet finally was decided to be “clean our house”.

The House War itself was pretty uninteresting to follow. Team Israel won two of the three events and could at the end of the show stand in the back laughing while their house was cleaned and cars washed by a bunch of millionaire professional poker players.

Jay going down

Jay ended as the biggest loser in episode 3 and he showed that losing was hard with him. In front of the cameras we saw him moody, use vulgar language and finally he even refused to do the penalty stunt. This episode did not serve him well at all and it will be very interesting to follow him next week. Another losing session could make him blow up which would finally get some real focus on the mindset of a poker player.

The show itself still have time to become more focused on online poker but if they guys continuously want to Party and run around without any interest in really showing the world they are the best poker players then it is tough to be the producer. G4TV just let the cameras roll and it is up to Dani, Jay, Emil and Brian to get more attention on the hard work it is to play poker for a living.

Of course these players have thought about their mission before they invited G4TV to follow them for 8 weeks, but as time goes by it admittedly becomes more and more evident that Las Vegas is a distraction for everyone in the house.

What happens in Vegas stays on G4TV and can be followed every Sunday directly from your living room. Watch Episode 4 this coming Sunday September 6.

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