Episode 1: 2 Months 2 Million

Finally the first episode of the new poker reality program 2 months 2 million was aired on G4TV.

Glorifying online poker

Ouch – within 7 minutes the TV-show managed to glorify online poker in a way that should never be allowed by any producer in the world. Showing Team Israel winning $85.000 in a heartbeat was a bad intro.

The demography of G4TV viewers should never be presented for a game like poker this way. Winning looks so easy when Jay, Dani, Emil and Brian high five there way to big pots of $15.000, $10.000 and $5.000.

Viewers should instead have been presented for the fact that we are following 4 of the finest and best online poker players in the world. The skills of these four guys are beyond what any normal human being, will be able to ever learn.

It would have been great to meet each of the 4 team members and fully understand how they became the world class players they are today.

Furthermore it should have been emphasized that when these guys begun their online poker career the opposition was not as fierce as it is today. 4-5 years ago the internet was not yet full of professional poker sharks who were just sitting waiting to kill newbie’s to the game. It was a lot easier to build a sufficient bankroll in 2006 than in 2009.

Beginning a pro poker life today is so much harder than years back. Having a bankroll and maintaining it is a lot easier than building one.

It is immensely important that young spectators get to understand how hard it is to become a top poker player. It is not any different from any other sport where only a very few manages to become world stars. Skill, practice and education is what it takes and each and everyone playing poker has to understand that in poker luck is a non existing factor in the long run. The true experts will end up with the cash.

Just enjoy it

However instead of moralizing anymore about what this could have been, it is better to enjoy this show in full and be please on behalf of these guys good fortune in life.
The program will without doubt end up documenting how fun Vegas are when you are famous and have cash- if it will document poker and what it takes to become the best in this game is more doubtful.

The teamed ended the first episode with an overall profit of $35.000. Three players ended in the green zone and only Dani in the red zone. He had to take this week’s penalty and went to dinner in a pink ballet dress. He handled this situation to perfection and in a real mature way- even he is the youngest member of the team. Well done by the young man and viewers now expect a lot from him in the remaining episodes. The best is yet to come!

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