Emil Patel

Emil Patel

Emil Patel or ”whitelime” as he is known by many in the online poker community is now a well established professional poker player despite his young age of 25. Recently he joined forces with the rest of team 2months 2million and seems unstoppable.

Started in college

He began playing poker when he was a sophomore in college, when a friend introduced him to the game. As math was his favorite subject, it was no wonder that poker fell easy for him. Already after making his first deposit he started out by winning 60 buy ins at minor stakes, and knew he had fund his passion.

In the following years Emil Patel started out playing more frequently, and went up and down in stakes for a while switching between different poker games and online poker sites. But it was first by the time that Party Poker introduced its $2-4, $3-6 and $5-10 games that he really started to make his way into the top of the poker world. Starting out at $3-6 he never looked back once, and is now playing anything from $5-10 to $300-600 blinds online.

This also means he had less time to study, and he finally dropped out of college senior year to devote his time fully to his new found poker carrier. Since then he has now been playing professional poker for 4 years and has not regretted it at any point since he has made more then any business major can hope for at his age.

Everybody playing poker knows the money swings can be quite high, and the highest stakes is no exception from that fact. Emil Patel felt this in a hard way loosing over $1million in his worst downswing until now. Many people would properly not have made it through this as the psychological pressure enormous, but Emil Patel made through and showed once again that he is a tough guy to beat.

Great live cashes

Even though most of his success has come from online cash games this young pro has also made some great cashes in live poker tournaments. Back in 2008 Emil Patel came second in the big $25k heads-up championship at Full Tilt Poker in the FTOP series, making a very nice cash of $320k. He even reached a final table at the WSOP 2008 in a NL holdem shorthanded event and besides that he cashed in 4 other live tournaments earning $149k.

Besides playing poker he also finds time to coach other people, who want to make it in the poker world as a professional poker player. Emil also enjoys watching a lot of baseball and even swinging the bat himself once in while. Although poker is consuming most of his time right now, he still has dreams for the future. A major dream of Emil Patel is to get his own baseball team or as a minimum become general manager for one.

If you want to follow Emil Patel playing online poker, you can watch him play under his nickname “whitelime” on Pokerstars or Full Tilt Poker.

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