Our Cookie & Privacy Policy

1. Introduction

Our Cookie & Privacy Policy is aimed to provide you with practical and useful information about the type of data we collect when you enter this site. As part of our efforts to optimize this site, we use cookies.

They provide us with valuable information that we use to offer you personalized services. Through this document, you will be able to understand in detail how we use and process such cookies and the data it provides. It will guide you in the process to make free and well-informed decisions to consent or refuse the use of cookies.

2. Do we Collect Personal or Non-Personal Information?

Cookies are a valuable tool we use to assess and remember user´s interactions through our website. This use is limited to collect non-personal data unless the users express their consent otherwise. Under no circumstance, we will collect additional information to identify or collect personal data from users of this site.

The type of information we collect is restricted to the type of data that may help us to understand your preferences and desires when you navigate through it. This may include logging/logout information, browser, specific pages that were visited, IP address, buttons that were clicked, time zone, and other similar to them.

3. What is a Cookie?

A cookie is a small text file that is strategically downloaded into a visitor’s computer. It is then activated through web browsers. From the first time the user enters the site and anytime the user visits the site again, the cookie transfers the information it collects to the web servers. This is a method commonly used by online sites to monitor visitor´s activities and behavior when they navigate through the web.

4. Why Do We Use Cookies?

We use cookies to collect information that may help us with our marketing efforts. We may also use them to assist our efforts to provide you with the highest level of security when you visit or complete transactions in our site.

When we use cookies for marketing purposes, we record your preferences and selections you make through our website. We use the results of such data sets to prepare personalized marketing material or organize our services according to your preferences.

When we use cookies for security reasons, we take advantage of the data we collect through cookies to calculate and detect potential cyber-attacks or suspicious behavior that might compromise the security of this website. We aim our efforts to try to avoid the opening of multiple accounts, abuse of bonuses, fraud, and false logins, among others.

5. Do We Need Your Consent for Cookie Storage?

Some cookies require your express consent before getting installed in your computer or device. On the other hand, some cookies are automatically installed at the moment you visit the site. For those cookies that require your consent, you must be aware that refusing them might block some features of the site.

In any case, you can change your preferences at any time by resetting the choice you made before. It only requires that you enter the privacy settings in your browser and change the preferences. As each browser might require specific steps to make such changes, make sure get well-informed before completing such changes.

6. What types of Cookies do we use?

There are several types of cookies and they are classified according to the type of information they collect and the absence or presence of consent they need to get installed. The following classification includes the type of cookies we may use:

a. Session Cookies

These cookies are only installed while the user visits the website. As soon as the visitor leaves the site the cookie is uninstalled. Your consent is not required as it automatically gets installed when you enter the site and removed after you leave the site.

b. Functional Cookies

These cookies require your consent to get installed on your device and you will find a notification requesting your refusal or consent when you navigate through the site. They allow us to record all your selections. The web server then recovers the data recorded in the cookie and helps to personalize the site according to your selections.

c. Analytical Cookies

Through these cookies, we collect crucial information that reflects how you navigate and behave while navigating. The results allow us to analyze statistics and patterns to create customized pages and offer products and services. Third party providers such as Google Analytics, among others, provide us with the services to conduct the analysis. These cookies also require your consent.

7. How Can You Manage Your Cookie Settings

Cookie settings can be updated at any time. You just need to access the privacy settings of your browser and select whether to block new cookies or delete previous preferences. Keep in mind that blocking cookies from our site might partially restrict the use of some features of our site.

8. How Do We Manage Third-Party Cookies?

Third-party Apps, Ads, external links, banners, content or websites may be included on our website. However, as they are external providers, we do not share the same policies. Therefore, if you want to know how they function and the content of their policies, you should examine their policies regarding the use of cookies and information.

We will not share the information we collect through this website unless you specifically consent us to do so. In case we need to share it, we will ask for your consent. Exceptionally, we will share it if requested by law.

9. How We Manage Changes and Amendments to this Cookie & Privacy Policy

This cookie & privacy policy constitutes the entire agreement about these matter between you and this site. It is subjected to be amended from time to time as needed. Whenever we amend it, we will take reasonable steps to notify you such changes.

They may include banners, Adds, e-mails and any other mean that we consider appropriate. However, it is your sole responsibility to keep yourself informed about such changes, amends or updates.

Because of it, we strongly recommend you to check periodically this document. Any change or amendment will enter into effect as soon as we publish it here whether or not you have been notified.

Date last updated: 09/11/18.