Compliance KYC

Know your customer (KYC).

Please note that all casino sites and poker rooms listed in our pages adopt Compliance to the KYC, know your customer regulations. We are strict and final with NOT listing sites not following the KYC regulations.

Please verify your identity and fill out these forms. This message is received by thousands of online gaming winners daily when they are withdrawing their funds.

There is absolutely nothing wrong in this request from the gaming company where you are a costumer. First of all it protects you and it protects everybody from abuse of credit cards. Secondly the request is a must in many gaming jurisdictions where the relevant Gaming Authority has made KYC law. It also protects against under age gambling and furthermore it ensures that you get your money to the right account when withdrawing your winnings. Actually there are not a lot of arguments to become irritated about the KYC requirements as these requirements serve to protect you as well.

Mainly gaming companies only need a few documents:

      A utility bill where your name and address is clearly shown: The utility bill can not be older than 3 months.Front and back of your credit card if you registered it: The reason is simply to establish that you are the rightful owner of the card and thus protects all cardholders against fraud. Most cashiers will accept that you only provide the first and last 4 digits in the card number.

Credit Card authorization form: This is required In order to protect all customers from unauthorized use of their credit card(s) and the information is also used to guarantee that your withdrawal requests are sent to the appropriate recipient thus preventing fraud.

Valid ID: Passport, driver’s license or similar will do it. It is important for the online gaming operators that they are 100% sure who they are dealing with.

It is recommended that you scan these documents and store them on your computer. This way you have the documents handy if ever needed. The faster you send the documents the faster you will be paid.

All online gaming companies have the rights to ask for this documentation and they use that right. It is clearly stated in the terms and conditions casino and poker players agree to when creating an online account.

No risk at trusted sites

Millions of players have already verified their identity. If you have signed up an account with a proper gaming operator then your risk is next to nothing providing these documents. As in all other businesses a small percentage of operators are fraudulent entities with a gaming license on some African island or in Belize. If you avoid these suspect companies and only use operators that have a track record in the industry it will remove any risk at all.

Many of the European companies are controlled and regulated very hard by the Gibraltar or Maltese gaming commissions and have provided all sorts of documentation regarding how they handle your personal papers. It is as safe as it can be and the risk that your local pizzeria will use your credit card to fraudulent activities is many times higher than providing the information to an online gaming company.

An easy way to avoid any risk at all is to use Neteller or MoneyBookers as your online bank. Both these companies are extremely respected and if you fund your online wallets using those companies you will never have to give your credit card info to anyone but them. Neteller and MoneyBookers can be funded by wire transfers also.

In case you are in doubt about providing your information to a certain company then feel free to email us and we will look into the case and guide you. This service is 100% free of charge and NO documents ever need to be sent to us. We will send you a few short questions to fully understand the situation but any personal info is not to be reveal to our support staff.

A few good advices


      Never sign up on online casinos that send spam mails.


      Never reveal your password to anyone.


      DO NOT use the same password on online poker rooms or online casinos as you do when using forums, AOL, hotmail etc.


      DO NOT use same identity/username when signing up on different online gaming operators.


      No matter how good offers you get then you are better of using well known brands in the long run. All brands listed in our pages have been controlled by us and we are constantly in dialogue with them to ensure maximum security for our users.


      When providing your front and back of your credit card then erase the middle 8 numbers. Most sites would not need those anyway.


      Always look for Gaming Authority seals on the website where you play. Kahnawake, Antigua, Malta, Gibraltar, Isle of Man and a few more are all respected gaming jurisdictions and can be trusted.


    Ask us if you are in doubt.

Good luck at the tables and do not worry. Online gaming anno 2009 is extremely regulated and honest and all players can feel secure using any of our listings for their leisure. Visit the Casino Bonuses page for more information on our latest casino deals or the poker sites section for the recent additions of poker sites with the best poker bonus and compliance to KYC.

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