Chelsea v Stoke Premier League – match preview and betting tips

Chelsea might drop this oneI can not resist recommending playing against Chelsea today in the match versus Stoke. Yes it is impressive that Chelsea have won 15 out of 17 home matches this season but the match today is extremely important and Chelsea know the have to win it since they are travelling to Liverpool next week and are in danger of dropping points in that match leaving Manchester United a fantastic shot at the Premier League Trophy for the fourth consecutive year. Manchester United has what it takes which the showed yesterday in the 3-1 win versus Tottenham. Today at 16:00 BST it is up to Chelsea to prove they have it in them too.

The clear favorite

Of course Chelsea are the clear favorites in the match but sometimes betting is not about who is the favorite. On the contrary it is all about finding out if someone is to big a favorite and manage to take advantage of this. There is no place better than Betfair sports to place a bet against Chelsea today. The odds will most likely drift toward 1.17 up to the match and laying Chelsea is definitely a solid opportunity today. Risking 17 to win 100, in a match where everything is at stake for Chelsea and where it should not be forgotten that Stoke also have a fairly big incentive to play since they will earn around £500,000 per extra spot they climb in the Premier League table, sounds to me being a long term equity proposition. The odds are simply to low today and Chelsea made way to big a favorite.

On top of this Terry is suspended in the match and Drogba doubtful and even Chelsea have plenty of world class players on the bench then these two players could prove vital to miss in a game where experienced players are needed. Punters should also look to back Manchester United as the Premier League winner. Their remaining two matches are away versus Sunderland and home against Stoke while Chelsea besides having to win the match today are travelling to Liverpool next Sunday and end the season at home versus Wigan. Manchester is in front with 2 points and even Chelsea have a game in hand then the odds of 2.24 currently offered to United backers are solid value. Should Chelsea drop points today then Manchester odds will drop significantly and backers will be able to get an immediately solid profit and even if Chelsea do their job today then they still need to overcome Liverpool on Sunday May 2.

Recommended bets today

Lay Chelsea at odds 1.17-1.18 versus Stoke at Betfair.
Back Manchester United as Premier League winner also at Betfair to odds 2.24

Also be aware that Burnley in the match versus Liverpool taking place today 15:00 BST need to win not to be relegated. Liverpool might be to tough to beat but Burnly will for sure fight everything the can for 90 minutes. The betting opportunity in that match will be to lay Liverpool if they score to 0-1 since chances for an equalizer will remain throughout the whole match. Not as solid a bet as Stoke not losing to Chelsea but still the value could prove to be to extreme to pass on.

Enjoy the matches today in Premier League.

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