Bwin moves to Milan and soon to the US

Online betting giant is moving in style as it is rumored to be close to acquiring Gioco Digitale in an attempt to move firmly in to the soon deregulated Italian market.

First independent italian firm

Gioco Digitale is Italy’s first independent online gaming directory offering poker, betting and skill games. A stake or total acquisition of the group by the European betting giant will mean an easy transition to the till today regulated Italian gambling market.

Bwin has not yet disclosed the terms of the deal but shares rose 0.7 percent to 27.42 euros in the first minutes of trading after the announcement.
One after the other European gaming giants are buying out smaller local brands across smaller European Countries. Both Party Gaming and 888 are been said to be in process of buying out smaller companies.

The future of online gaming and online gambling is pretty clear to be soon controlled by a hand full of operators as predictions of a future deregulated European Gambling market and a future regulated but open US market show numerous opportunities for expanding for the companies that can sustain the investment.

The news of Party Poker, (A Party Gaming Brand) recently buying out the WPT (World Poker Tour) in a surprise deal that seems to have left the original intended buyer Titan Poker dazzled was just the beginning of this new acquisition war.

Rumors spreading around

Rumors across the online poker market say that this last surprise from Party Poker is just part of the preparations to move back in to the US market strong as predictions show that the UIGEA will be soon rephrased in a crafty way allowing only the giants to enter and the assets and brand recognition of the WPT will be an ace for Party Poker which will have to compete with PokerStars and Full Tilt for a share of more than 10 million online poker players.

This practice of disallowing and allowing trades or business practices is nothing unusual for the U.S government as it is a common practice they follow when they don’t really have their finger in the pie of a certain market.

It has been repeated in the past with alcohol and tobacco and this new version of their policy with a so called UIGEA which has in reality forced out online gaming operators only to call them back in but with a tax cut on their revenue.

The truth is yet to come!

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