Brian Roberts

Brian Roberts - Team Israel - 2 months 2 million

Brian Roberts is another one of the guys from the team Israel, to be featured at the 2months 2million show, which will be trying to make $2 million in just 2 months by only playing online poker. Although you may not have heard about this 26 year old guy from Texas before, he is surely a name to remember and to be feared at the online poker tables as he is considered, a well respected poker player in the online poker world.

Found his passion as a child

Brian discovered his passion for poker as a child, and even started to sneak into casinos at the age 17 trying to watch the good players play and to get a piece of the action. Later when he discovered No Limit Texas holdem poker at the age of 19 he started to take the game much, much more serious. Since then he has now turned out to be a professional poker player for the past 6-7 years and has enjoyed tremendous success.

Brian Robert never really fit into school and finally dropped out at the age of 16. This turned out to be a good decision for him at the end of the day as he could then devote more and more time to his passion for poker and therefore making some serious money. Even though he never finished school he still posseses a brilliant mind, which is sharp when it comes to mathematics proving a great ROI for his online poker play.

As many other young hopeful poker players he began with small deposits, but it was after his first real win of $100 that he felt this could be his way in life. Since then his playing skills have developed enormously, and he now earns more in a short time than many people can hope in a lifetime.

First live cash made at WSOP

Brian Roberts also began to take on live poker tournaments in recent years and already made his first cash at the WSOP.

If you want to see Brian Robert in action, you can find him playing online at Pokerstars where he plays under his online poker alias “flawless_victory” and on Full Tilt under the poker nickname “____ScorpionWins”.

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