Bolton v Portsmouth Premier League – match preview and betting tips

BoltonToday Saturday April 24 Bolton takes on Portsmouth in Premier League. A Bolton victory will ensure the club another season in Premier League and as Portsmouth is already relegated and put all their focus on the FA cup final this should be a fairly easy game for Bolton. In their first game this season Portsmouth kept Bolton away from scoring until very late in the game and was fairly unlucky conceding a goal in the 89th minute however things are significantly different entering today’s match and Portsmouth players are likely to spare themselves without risking injuries before the cup final which is an excellent window for the Portsmouth players to show their abilities to other football clubs.

Easy choice for punters

Everything seems to be favoring Bolton in the match and normally punters would have an easy choice to back Bolton at the price of 1.60 at Betfair sports. Actually it is a bit surprisingly that Bolton under these circumstances are not bigger favorite. It is definitely true that Bolton’s current form is more or less none existing and that they have lost 4 of their last 5 games but facing the worst away team in Premier League who has only managed to score 8 times away from home and who is already relegated is one of the bigger gifts a team can get in a match. It is also worth mentioning that even Bolton will have a hard time advancing from the current 14th position then they will actually lose quite a bit of money if they drop down in the league table and thus this game is of outmost importance for the club and the players.

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