Bodog to open Poker Network

Currently Bodog Poker is the 15th biggest poker network in the world. This position would anyone be incredible happy to hold in many other industries than online poker. Liquidity, liquidity, liquidity is the mantra for online poker rooms and networks. The more players in a network the more life time value the networks get out of poker players as the players always can find games or tournaments to play 24/7.

The real strength

This is the real strength PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker have. PokerStars itself manage to have as many active cash players daily as Full Tilt Poker, Ipoker and Party Poker combined which is notable because Ipoker have a total of 75 poker licensees including mastodons as William Hill Poker and Titan Poker.

Seen in this light Bodog actually has quite impressive player liquidity numbers and opening a network seems to be successful from the get go. With the experienced CEO Patrik Selin to be the driving force this project have a great chance of succeeding.

Patrik Selin announced in the press release today that a European Gaming License will be unveiled early 2010 which without doubt will attract many existing licensees from Ipoker, Ongame, Entraction and Boss Media.

It is to be expected that Bodog very fast will climb the world rankings if signing just a few licensees. The positive effect of such announcements will make CEOs from many poker sites look at the possible entry point to the lucrative US poker market.

Bodog in a hurry

However Bodog might have to hurry up as other US facing networks most likely already are in the process of negotiating with Malta’s Gaming Commission for a European gaming license.

Bodog will be present at EIG Copenhagen this week and Patrik Selin is guaranteed a full booked calendar after today’s announcement. Bonus Riders have been in contact with a few room owners today who all expressed their interest in joining Bodog under the right circumstances and furthermore already had taken action to contact Patrik Selin.

The only remaining obstacle is to understand what effects UIEGA will have on Bodogs liquidity if and when UIEGA gets fully implemented. and the launch of certainly helps in maintaining player liquidity in worst case scenario but a closure of US will have severe effects on Bodog player liquidity.

We predict an interesting year is ahead in terms of how the poker network landscape will look in 2010 and foresee quite a few changes taking place.

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