Bodog Poker once again saw huge tournament overlay

bodog-poker-logoAfter a two week break while hosting the Bodog Poker Open IV, where Bodog in total added $65,000 to the prize pool, the Sunday $100,000 guaranteed was back on schedule Sunday November 15. Bodog has recently done quite a bit of marketing to promote this recurring weekly guaranteed tournament and a slight improvement in numbers of participants was seen yesterday. However the shortfall in the prize pool was still a massive $22,750 which Bodog had to pay from their own pockets to the players.

More than $30k in overlay

Normally the guaranteed Sunday tournament have seen overlays of more than $30,000 weekly for months and this tournament is still the most valuable Sunday tournament players can find in the online gaming space. With only 515 fellow poker opponents to take out before securing the win, it is quite easy to take home the $25,000 first prize compared to any other Sunday tournament where the player field often consists of thousands of players. All serious poker players should exploit the Bodog Poker overlay the coming weeks as it is more than likely that the number of participating players will drop a bit as the focus from Bodog Poker Open IV is no longer there.

Qualifiers to the Sunday $100,000 event run every day at Bodog Poker and there are plenty of ways to secure a seat to this fantastic weekly tournament that on average has had an overlay per player of $50-$65 in a $50+$12 tournament every week for a very long period of time. All qualifying poker tournament satellites can be found in Bodog Poker’s lobby under the tab $100K Guaranteed.

$25.000 payday

No harm done by investing a few bucks weekly to secure a seat to the Bodog Sunday tournament which earn the winning player an astonishing $25,000 payday and another $75,000 are shared amongst the other 62 players who all cashes a minimum of $300 and up to $15,000 to the runner. All serious poker tournament player should play this tournament where Bodog Poker week after week contribute with many thousands of dollars for free to cover the overlay in the tournament prize pool.

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