Bodog $100.000 guaranteed cancellation update

After having been in contact with Bodog representative “BodogBecky” it seems clear that a server problem caused the cancellation of last Sundays $100.000 guaranteed tournament.

No real explanation

There is no real explanation in regards of how the players were shown a pop up message stating that the “tournament is cancelled because not enough players participated”. BodogBecky states in this regard in an email to Bonus Riders:

“Bodog network is very surprised that this message popped up as it is incorrect and they are investigating into why some players got it. I’ll let you know as soon as I have more info!”

Regardless of what happened it has to be considered unfortunate circumstances that the $100.000 guaranteed tournament crashed due to technical problems and Bodog managed despite the troubles to pay out the tournament prize pool in a swift manner according to their cancellation policies that states:

“Guaranteed Tournaments

If a tournament with a guaranteed prize pool is canceled:
1. When players are NOT in the money, the payout will be based on the prize pool composed of buy-ins only.
2. When players are in the money, the payout will be based on the guaranteed amount if the buy-ins fail to comprise the guaranteed amount.”

As the tournament crashed before players were in the money only the effective prize pool was paid out with 50% of the funds being distributed evenly amongst the remaining players and the other half distributed proportionally to player chip counts at the time of the tournament crash.


As compensation for the crash Bodog players who were still in the tournament are invited to a special $10.000 freeroll taking place this coming Sunday November 1 at 3:30 EST. All players will receive an email inviting them to this event.

Players should also note that the $100.000 guaranteed will not take place the next two Sundays as Bodog host the first Bodog Poker Open IV event where $65.000 in total are added to the tournament series which run in the period November 1 to November 8. The $100.000 guaranteed will be back on schedule November 15.

Offer valid as of date published. T&Cs apply.