Betsafe Poker Monthly Sit & Go Challenge

Betsafe Poker Monthly sit & go challenge promo

Win a share of the €10,000 prize money up for grabs every month in the Sit & Go Challenge at Betsafe Poker Black.

Just set up an account at Betsafe Poker and opt in ONCE to the rewarding monthly Sit & Go Challenge to be included in the challenge every month during the ongoing campaign.

The challenge highlights players with the greatest poker skills and rewards them for their success in Sit & Go tournaments across four different levels and stakes.


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Opt In for the Betsafe Poker Sit & Go Challenge


Four leaderboards are running in the Betsafe Poker room every month from the first day to the last day. Players can win cash prizes on all four leaderboards in the Monthly Sit & Go challenge where the higher the stakes at the Sit & Go tournament tables, the greater the cash prizes awarded to the top performers on the leaderboard.

The cash prizes up to €400 each are paid out within seven days of the monthly challenge ending and you don’t need to claim your prize as it’s credited automatically to your account at Betsafe Poker Black.

Players can see up to 100 names on the leaderboard at any time and the positions are updated every 20 minutes giving you an exact ‘snapshot’ of your position relative to competing players in the challenge.


Play in Six and Nine Seated Sit & Go Tournaments


To qualify for the leaderboards, players need to play in six or nine seated Sit & Go tournaments. The highest scoring block of 10 and 50 Sit & Go tourneys played one after the other are counted for the leaderboards.

Participants in the Monthly Sit & Go challenge need to play at least 10 tournaments to qualify and after the qualification level has been achieved every additional Sit & Go played can improve your score or keep it at the level it is already.

The best ten consecutive scores from playing in the 6 and 9 seat Sit & Go tournaments at Betsafe Poker Black are the ones that count for your leaderboard position.

Join Betsafe Poker Black and opt in for the brilliant Monthly Sit & Go Challenge campaign to win your share of the extraordinary €10,000 cash prize pool every month.


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