BetonBet and Eurolinx declare bankruptcy

BetonBet and Eurolinx are seeking to put their business into liquidation. Yesterday August 21st a company spokesperson could reveal the bad news to the poker player community.

Rumors spreading around since May

Since May rumors has been that the company faced severe trouble. Yesterday the rumors unfortunately were found to be proven right. Poker players complained heavily for several months about payments being delayed and poker bonus not paid. The Betonbet and Eurolinx support staff continuously stalled player inquiries with weak explanations instead of telling the truth.

In the meantime it seems the Linx Media group continued to accept new deposits from players unaware of the critical situation. This behavior could lead to criminal prosecution as it would be illegal in many jurisdictions to use new deposits to pay old depths with.

BetonBet and Eurolinx are the latest casualties in the online poker industry. Both rooms have now decided to close the doors for costumers leaving players and their player funds in a vacuum.

28 licensees suspended

28 other Micro Gaming licensees faced the same destiny last year when Tusk Investment Corporation went insolvent. More than $5.000.000 disappeared from player accounts and it is doubtful if and when any of the players receive funds back from the TUSK closure.

Microgaming also announced the termination of the contracts between them and Linx Media on Saturday and advised all players to contact the respective relevant liquidator when the contact details become available.

Updates will follow as soon as more details are known.

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