Betfair Sports Betting Exchange

Sports betting exchange is an extremely fun form of bookmaking. The concept saw the light in year 2000 where costumers for the first time could log in to the Betfare bet exchange and use the platform to place their sports bets.

Two years of IT development

Before the founders of Betfare sports could open the doors to their innovative sports arbitrage trading system, 2 years of IT development had taken place. Since then the company have been awarded tons of prizes for their idea and in 2008 more than 2.000.000 costumers already have used the betting exchange markets on Betfair.

The platform was named Bet Fair to try and make punters aware that Betfair odds are more fair and higher compared to the competition.

This is in line with the mission statement the company has developed:

“Our strategy is simple – we want to be the unassailable first choice of the punter by providing the best value, service and protection. We intend to achieve this through continued investment in our technology and a continued commitment to setting the benchmark standard in innovation, integrity, fairness and consumer protection.”

Betting exchanges sports odds are on average higher than most other bookmaker offerings. However the betting odds do not reflect the commission taken by the bet exchange.

A normal bookmaker has already incorporated the “juice” in the odds punters can bet on while the betting exchange takes a small fee called commission out of all winning bets. Still Bettfair is the superior place to place your bets on most matches.

Popular tennis exchange

Betfair tennis exchange betting has become extremely popular and in all major APT and WTA events in play live tennis betting is available. Tennis matches that include superstars like Roger Federer, Djokovis, Murray often trade more than $5.000.000 dollars and finals between Federer and Nadal have seen astonishing numbers of $20.000.000 traded between backers and layers.

Backing an outcome is when you believe you know who wins. When you use the Betfair Lay option you believe the outcome will not happen. This is in principle how Betfair works. Either you back your favorite team or you lay teams you do not believe in.

The bet exchange offers tons of action on the big soccer nights and weekends. Champions League matches attracts millions of dollars on the Betfair soccer exchange. The number of transactions done in one day require the best and most secure software to make sure the settlement of bets are done swift and precise.

In one day more than 6.000.000 transactions are performed. A number that exceeds the total of all European Stock exchanges combined. 400 engineers and a total of 1500 employees (2008) is the backbone of the whole Betfair entertainment operation worldwide.

Winnings are paid out instantly to player accounts the minute a match/event is over which is an incredible strong performance.

The Betfair UK betting market is the strongest which can be easily spotted when Premier League matches are in play.

The Betfare betting exchange is not the only leisure players can find when they create an account. Betfare Poker and Betfair Casino also provide players the opportunity to spend some time on online gaming. All of the brands allow players to receive a Betfair bonus when creating a new account. Betfairpromo bonuses are easy to clear and the exchange offer new costumer’s free sports bet. A Unique Betfair promo code is available on at all times. To play Betfair games are both an entertaining and interesting hobby.

Amongst the leading companies

No doubt this company is amongst the worlds leading innovative IT companies in regards of development, integrity and security. They have made “memorandum of understanding” with loads of sport gaming associations to ensure fair play. In this regards Betfair will contact the different sport association in case the see weird betting patterns on sport events. Monitoring betting patterns helps avoiding match fixing and Betfairs business model and idea has made the sport events even cleaner as they were before.

Being a costumer of Betfair is a simply choice. No one have higher standards when it comes to security, transparency and ethical values in online gaming.

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