Betfair WSOPE Scandal Resolved and sister site appreciate the call from Betfair Poker today. We had requested an official response and call of action from Betfair Poker.

Call from Mr. Samson

We received a valuable call from Mr. Stephan Samson and we accept the explanation regarding how it happened that 100+ Danish poker players were added at a late point to WSOPE Super Satellite September 6.

Betfair Poker states that it was by no means intentional to wait with the registration of players to the last minute.

As new players continued to accept the Danish promotion, a Betfair representative found it was easier to add all players to the tournament in a single batch instead of continuously add the players to the tournament as they registered for the promotion.

In a written answer that followed the call, Samson of said “There was certainly no intention of depriving players of any value, and we perfectly understand the very negative perception this has created. The specific process which created this incident has been revised and all our staff has been made aware of this. We are confident this will not happen again.”

The facts

Bonus Riders acknowledge that a guaranteed tournament is not an overlay tournament and that Betfair can use any of their tournaments for any marketing they want to do. We also acknowledge that Betfair give as many free seats away they want to any tournament in the future.

We remain confident that Betfair Poker in the future still will provide players a level of integrity that is beyond what most poker rooms do.

After major consideration our team has agreed to continue to refer players to for both bonus and rakeback. We understand that this was not well thought by and we appreciate the fact that they have realized they have made a mistake.

Players can now again sign up with $1000 bonus by using the Betfair Poker Bonus. Players that would like to sign up for Betfair Rakeback can sign up at

Team Riders

Offer valid as of date published. T&Cs apply.