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betfairzeroBetfair Online Casino comes highly recommended with Zero Lounge, Arcade and Huge Jackpots

Betfair’s new look casino is establishing itself as one of the best and most highly recommended in the industry. With new innovations such as the instant play Zero Lounge with no house edge, the newly formed arcade and huge progressive jackpots it is easy to see why.

Zero Lounge Casino

Zero Lounge is a phenomenal innovation based in instant play, Zero Lounge has a very simple principle, there is no house edge. That’s right you read it right there is no house edge at all. It features the four most well known and popular games, Betfair Zero Lounge Roulette, Betfair Zero Lounge Baccarat, Betfair Zero Lounge Video Poker and finally Betfair Zero Lounge Blackjack.

To insure the house no edge some small but highly significant changes are made. For example in Betfair Zero Lounge Roulette there is no zero present that means that the house looses its edge as the odds exactly match up to the players probability of winning. You get paid 35-1 for hitting your number and the odds are 35-1 to hit your number, pretty simple right? Similar modifications are made to all Zero Lounge games again with the underlying principle to ensure the house has no edge over the player.

Betfair Arcade

Betfair’s arcade is also not far behind in terms of innovation it features 129 different games. You can play old favourites ranging from Monopoly Super slots, Final Score or even Street Fighter. Furthermore after combining forces with supreme software provider Openbet, Betfair have managed to revolutionise the industry with their incredible good looking exclusive launch called the Real Deal. The Real Deal will truly bring the casino to your home with phenomenal 3D graphics and even interaction with the dealers available.

Betfair have really done ahead and brought virtual gaming to a new and exciting level.

If the Arcade and the Zero Lounge haven’t done enough to impress you surely you will be swayed by the 17 huge progressive jackpots on offer. What is so special about Betfairs Jackpots is that they are not shared among other sites on a network as in most online casinos. They are only specifically available to Betfair players, and the jackpot payout can be up to $2M.

That coupled with the great additional promotions like the First 24 no loss bonus. Where Betfair return any loss you have on specific games in the first 24 hours you play makes Betfair a phenomenal place to play.

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