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william-hill-sports-bettingThe unexpected triumph of Burkina Faso over Ghana on the historic date 6th February 2013 in the Africa Cup of Nations semi-final match was a wonder to behold and showed how predictions of results can go so wrong in football! The day that everybody has been waiting for is coming fast with The Africa Cup of Nations final is being played between Nigeria and Burkina Faso on Sunday 10th February and it can only be seen as David playing against Goliath with David represented by Burkina Faso.

All Eyes on Burkina Faso!

This West African country that has the apt name meaning ‘The Country of Honorable People’ has a history going back thousands of years and is made up of a very vibrant mix of 60 ethnic groups with the Mossi people making up around half of the population. The country has faced a lot of economic and political challenges but the people appear tenacious and determined which can certainly be seen in its football team.

Nigeria is a massive nation of proud people with economic strength and huge resources and it may be assumed they will win the cup automatically as a result. However, if Burkina Faso shows the spirit that has made many people in the world look to ‘Google Earth’ to find out where this team of determined players comes from in Africa, then it is extremely likely that they will be holding the cup aloft with pride this Sunday.

You can place your bet on who will win this Sunday at William Hill Sports where the odds are posted favoring Nigeria over Burkina Faso, however, bear in mind that stranger things have happened and victory is never guaranteed to anybody until the final whistle on Sunday. Register a new account today at William Hill Sports using our link below including the bonus code F25 and you will be welcomed with a free bet of up to £25.


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