Bet on the 30 Minute Limit Promo at Betfred Sports

Betfred sportsIn a surprisingly large number of football matches you will find that a goal is scored within 30 minutes of kick off, so it’s a doddle to wager in the brand new promotion ‘Thirty Minute Limit’ at Betfred Sports. Select between 3 and 15 matches where you think the goal will be scored by either team within the first thirty minutes of the match starting and you can make a huge return on your wager.

You can get odds as high as 3000/1 if you make the maximum selection of 15 matches and get them all correct which is a spectacular return on your outlay! Select 3 games and the odds are a reasonable 3/1 but when you pick out 4 matches your odds rise dramatically to 7/1 and with 5 games to 12/1 so you can decide how far you want to go and how much you would like to see in your account as a result of a successful bet.

Abandoned Matches Taken Into Account

You may be wondering what happens if a match is abandoned, so you will be very pleased to hear that you will be paid at the odds given on one match less and if the total is just 2 matches you will get a good return of 7/4. If just a single bet remains due to several abandoned matches your payout will be at 8/13 so you are not left in the lurch at Betfred Sports. Register a new account using our link below and you will receive a generous welcome in the form of a free bet worth up to £50.


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