Best Super Bowl Quarterbacks in history

It is a known fact that the quarterback is the engine that heats up the game and the Super Bowl is no exception. With 23 MVPs in 44 editions we have all the reasons we need, to be looking for Ben Roethlisberger and Aaron Rodgers tonight, and see if they fit the list. For the time being, lets take a closer look at some of the best quarterbacks in history.

Tom Brady

Any list must begin with Tom Brady, if not for being the best quarterback of all time, at least for being the best of the last decade. New England was the most successul team in that span, and the only one to win more than 14 games. Brady has four Super Bowl appearances so far, and each time he played the best football possible. He can be a good model for players worldwide, when they have to raise their game during a very important match.

Joe Montana is arguably the most famous quarterback in history and his 92 yards drive that beat the Bengals can be included in any clip about the Super Bowl. He still remains the undisputed leader for highest passing ratings and owns the best touchdown-to-interception ratio. Coming even close to this legendary quarterback is pretty impossible for any player, who doesn’t have a few Super Bowls in his pocket. Unfortuantely time is running out for both Roethlisberger and Rodgers, and the one who loses now is also out of the race.

The podium should be completed by Kurt Warner, a quarterback who was all too familiar with heartstopping moments. Winning the Super Bowl against the Tennessee Titans was just as close as losing twice in the last seconds of the event. For his part, Warner played an amazing football each time his team got the chance to compete at such level, and he gave them a fighting chance.

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