Becoming a Professional Poker Player

How to become a professional poker player

These days a lot of hype regarding online poker is taking place because of the G4TV show 2months2million. Two weeks into the program the four young professional players have already made a profit of nearly $200.000.

Many recreational and amateur poker players might wonder how they can become as good to online poker as Dani Stern, Emil Patel, Brian Robertson and Jay Rosenkranzt.

The answer is pretty easy but also quite depressing.


All sport superstars have been practicing endless hours before they ended up becoming as big stars as it turned out. Poker is no different than any other sport.

It is possible to become a really good poker player just by practicing but it definitely speed up the process to read just a few books and discuss some poker hands with friends.

The below list are just a few of the elements required to become a classy poker player.

• Reading books.
• Discussing hands with other poker players.
• Thinking about poker hands played and how to extract most money of those.
• Find players you respect and watch them play online poker.
• Become disciplined when you play poker.
• Learn tough bankroll management.
• Be able to spend enough time learning the skills of poker.
• Endless hours of play. (THAT’S THE FUN PART)
• Finding the game you want to be an expert in.
• Learn other poker variations to pick up small parts from those- every variation of poker have something valuable that can be used in other variations.
• Learn to control tilt.
• Understand pot odds.
• Learn to evaluate the poker player types you play against and use this knowledge to beat them.
• Learn to find other players weaker than yourself.
• Use all info to make the best possible decision in any given hand.

The list could be continued as there are so many aspects in this lovely game that has impact when making decisions. However making the best possible decision every single hand will eventually make you a winning player.

Investing time in improving your game is a lot better than investing money. Learn how to beat small stakes first and continuously go up in limit is one of the best proven ways to make money on online poker.

There is nothing wrong in dreaming about becoming the new Jay Rosenkrantz nor is it an impossible task. Understanding you will not become a pro poker player over night is essential to avoid big losses in the process of learning the tools of trade in poker.

More or less all poker rooms today give players the ability to play really small stakes in the learning process. Download Full Tilt Poker or go through the guide for PokerStars download today and use one of these sites to train your skills as a poker player.

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