Bayern Munchen vs. Borussia Dortmund Betting tip

When these two teams meet it hardly counts who is the leader and who is the runner up, because the intensity of the match is just as high. Granted the fact Bayern was usually in the better position and they were trying to make sure Dortmund won’t interfere with their title ambitions, the stakes were always high. Now, things have changed a bit and the distance is so big that it’s most unlikely that a victory tonight will get Bayern back in the race for another Bundesliga title.

Things to consider

There are a few things to be taken into account before dismissing the Bavarian side though, and the good recent run is just one of them. Bayern won away at Mainz with ease and then doubled up with an amazing victory over Inter Milano on San Siro. The Italians were unable to capitalize on the home pitch advantage and Gomez scored the winning goal a few seconds into overtime. Without stripping him of any merit, Mario is simply missing too many of the chances he gets, and this is a huge liability for a team who doesn’t shine in offense.

Robben and Ribbery are fit to play and their role in the away victory was considerable, but the challenge tonight is to get the chance of building offensive schemes. Dortmund is known to start each match in a very aggressive mood and take the initiative fast, usually by also scoring a goal in the first half. They’ve got limited success in Munchen, where they didn’t won in more than 20 years, but today is the best chance to break the streak.

Louis Van Gaal

Louis van Gaal is delighted with the way his team performed following his bold changes and I expect to see something similar tonight. Schweinsteiger, Holger Badstuber, Diego Contento and Danijel Pranjic are playing very well on the new positions and they were able to provide the extra safety the shaky defense needed. Inter looked toothless for the entire match, but with Dortmund things will be a bit different, as they are usually trying to score one goal more than the opponent.

One serious problem in both teams is revolving around the goal keepers with Tomas Krauft and Roman Weidenfeller under intense physical and psychical stress. The first is deeply upset by Beckenbauer’s decision of bringing another keeper and threats to leave the club if that happens, while the latter is injured and will miss this match. Krauft will probably play, but with his mind on off the pitch issues he will have a harder time, while Weidenfeller’s absence will be difficult to compensate by Langerak.

There is no reason for either side to hold back and they will risk everything just to get the best possible result. A draw or a defeat are pretty much the same, but a straight win will make the difference for both sides. The odds for an Over 2,5 bet are not terrific, but they are fair and we could cash in on this potentially high scoring match.

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