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Betfair-Front-RoomUdinese without Di Natale the current top scorer for the team will find the match versus Bari away from home a tough one to win. Bari has been playing positive and strong football during the first half of the season and has managed to surprise everybody in a positive way. Taking into consideration that Bari only have one loss at home this season, really adds to the feeling that this simply is a match Udinese will not win. Betfair currently offer odds 2.26 for the home team win and this is definitely a strong odds to back tomorrow afternoon.

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American punters will be able to bet on the match at sportsbook who offer +120 on a Bari victory. 4 wins in the last four home matches including a solid 3-1 punishment of Juventus is to be followed up in the second half of the Serie A season. Bari who holds a 5-2-1 record at home has a great shot at improving this tomorrow against an Udinese team that has not been dangerous away this season which their 0-2-6 record clearly shows.

Betfair is an excellent choice for winning sportsbook players as there is in principle no limit to the amount possible to bet on an outcome however we need to emphasize that a strong and very clear bankroll management is needed when using the Betfair betting exchange as there always are events running and many players like to play on every game. It is advised to look at your betting money as units where 1 unit is 1% of the bankroll. Strong bets like the Bari-Udinese match should be backed by 2-4 units or 2-4% of the money available for sports betting. The reason behind never risking more than 5% of the bankroll is that sports betting is all about making good long term decisions.

Bari versus Udinese: 3 units on Bari win

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