Bad Beat Poker Jackpot reaches €300.000

The Bad Beat poker jackpot at Classic Poker has by now reached more than €300.000 in total which means that an “unlucky” winner will take home more than €100.000 and that just being dealt cards in the hand will reward seated poker players a minimum of €5.000.

The biggest and easiest

Not only is the Classic Poker’s Bad Beat Jackpot the biggest on the internet right now but it is also the easiest jackpot to win as the requirements for taking home the more than one hundred thousand euro’s are quads sixes beaten.

Compared to the Party Poker bad beat jackpot which is currently totaling a little more than fifty thousand dollars and require quad 8’s to be beaten then going for the big score at Classic Poker instead is without doubt the right choice for jackpot hunters.

The Bad Beat Poker Jackpot was last hit on Classic Poker August 11 2009 where online player AlkaliEars won an amazing €144.473 by having his quad jacks beaten by quad kings.

€412.781 was distributed

A total of €412.781 was distributed to the lucky poker players and all players who were dealt cards in the aforementioned hand all received a little more than €24.000 directly in their poker account.

Coming in second in a poker hand can proof to be very profitable for players in the coming days while shooting for the easiest and biggest poker bad beat jackpot online at Classic Poker and Bonus Riders wish you all to be unlucky while going for the gold.

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