Bad Beat Jackpot Update

Bad Beat Jackpot Analysis
Classic Pokers Bad Beat Jackpot which is the easiest to hit in online poker are currently more than €250.000. The requirements are quad 6s beaten and it is currently value to play on Classic Pokers bad beat tables.

Ultimate Bet Bad Beat Jackpot was recently hit and is only at a bit more than $125.000 as of today and should not be played.

Jackpot at Party Poker

The same go for the Party Poker bad beat jackpot which is less than $100.000 at this point in time. It is not recommended to play jackpot tables on Ultimate Bet or Party Poker unless the jackpot is more than $400.000. The requirements of quad 8s beaten is very hard to full fill and thus more money needs to be in the prize pool to warrant play on the Bad Beat Jackpot tables on those two sites.

All players who look to score big winning a Bad Beat jackpot should therefore play on Classic Poker (no US) until the jackpot hit. Sign up on Classic Poker for a 200% bonus up to €1000.

From the Bad Beat Jackpot archives

A while back a player holding 78c versus his opponent’s two red nines saw the flop of Tc9c9. Flopped quads against the open ended straight flush draw. The turn brought the Jc and completed the bad beat hand. However the river saw the Qc which counterfeited the 7c and the player suddenly only used 1 hole card. Does bad beats come worse than this hand from Party Poker?

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