Bad Beat Jackpot Strategy

Classic Pokers Bad Beat Jackpot is now beyond €515.000, which means that the ”unlucky” winner will get a bit more than €185.000 deposited to his poker account. As it is only quad sixes that need to be beaten it makes sense to play the Bad Beat jackpot tables right now and until the jackpot is hit.

People play worse

Another reason to play the tables is that the opponents in their hunt for gold forget to play good solid poker and chases cards that are unlikely to hit the board. No Limit players should use this knowledge to change their strategy a little when playing. With a monster Bad Beat Jackpot in place the average player will show some tendencies that can be taken hugely advantage of and secure some solid winnings over time. The increased knowledge there is about opponents range of playable hands at the jackpot tables has to be exploited and taken great advantage of.

An essential difference on jackpot tables is that the number of limpers is increased significantly because they will limp in all pocket pairs and suited connectors which can qualify them for the big jackpot. Thus is makes sense to adjust the bet sizing and make the rerasise and continuation bet size higher than normal. Knowing that you are up against a medium pocket pair or suited connectors make the decisions later in the hands fairly easy, as all medium card flops are potential dangerous and you have to continue carefully in the hand. However it is very important to extract as much money as possible with the continuation bet as the jackpot hunters are willingly to call significant amounts while chasing runner runner quads or straight flush.

Profitable jackpot

All in all there is a great chance that playing on the jackpot tables will turn out to be profitable if you have the discipline to take advantage of the behavior you know your opponents on the tables have. A few changes in the bet sizing will extract a lot more money per hand and this simply has to be exploited. Should the jackpot not hit in the next few days we will see tons of adrenalin junkies on Classic Pokers jackpot tables trying to take home one of the biggest pots ever seen. On top of the extra winnings there still is a chance that you might get lucky and end at the table where the final winning hand is being dealt.


• Your raises and reraises can be increased significantly on JP tables.
• The continuation bets should also be higher than normal and tend to be almost pot size
• Be very alert on the context of the flop and proceed carefully when the flop consist of middle cards and/or connectors.
• Do not focus on the bad beat jackpot and its monster value as it might cause you to make stupid calls. High cards are nuts on JP tables and should be played aggressively.

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