Our team consists of ex-professional poker players, webmasters and gaming journalists. If you would like to join our team please contact us, you should include a sample of your work and your cv. You will be receiveing a response in less than 24 hours.

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Our team posts articles, gaming news news and poker strategy updates on a day to day basis. All the content on this site is approved by a senior editor of our team before it goes live, if you may have any questions or complaints please contact us immediately:

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Chris Kkelski, Senior Editor and Webmaster: Chris is in charge of reviewing all upcoming content on the site and making sure it is valid. All posts and pages are edited by Chris Kkelski before they go live.

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Tasouski (Admin): Tasouski has been a member of the gaming community since 1999 as an outsourced advisor to a number of companiers. Tasouski is a professionoal website advisor and a proud member of the team. Since 1999 he has contributed to the strucuture of some of the most populat online vortals and portals. Tasouski often writes articles for our column, he is the head when it comes to technical issues related to

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Henrik (Chief Editor): Henrik has been an active poker player for more than 10 years now, he has participated in the WSOP on 2 events, on the EPT, the WPT and he is currently semi active as a poker player. He is a major contributor to our news and strategy column with articles from his personal experience. You should find Henrik playing at Classic Poker, PokerStars or Bwin.

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Craig Mitchell (Editor and Author): Craig is a gaming journalist and specializes in sports and poker news. He has been part of Bonus Riders for over 2 years now and writes articles for our news section on a daily basis.

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Junior Editors

Maniac Master (Author): Harry Maniac or Maniac Master as he is called is an amateur poker player and a computer programmer, he has joined Team Riders just recently as his writing and programming skills are proving to be very beneficiary to the sites flawless operation.

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Denis Hansen (Author): Denis is the newest member of our team of writers and is an all around author. He is a former professional poker player and has been part of gaming community for several years now.   

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Thomas Jensen (Author): Thomas is the youngest member of our team and delivers news articles for our site. His main areas of expertise are within poker and casino, where he writes news about the latest promotions and offers.  

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Costas Cos (Author): Costas is a freelance journalist contributing with news articles for our columns. He has many years of experience and writes news for our site when needed.

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