AS Roma vs. Napoli – Match Preview – Betting Tips – Odds

With the title out of their grasp, AS Roma is making a final push for the Champions League spots and the most important obstacle in their path is Napoli. In theory the recipe for success is easy and revolves around blocking Cavani, while keeping the pressure on the visitors at all times. By performing these actions, Napoli will be unable to react and the superior offense will triumph.

Match Preview

This sounds very well on paper, but the question is if Roma has indeed the better offensive, and if the visitors will allow to be contained in their own half. To start we must state the obvious: Napoli has the second best defense in Serie A, and they need only a few goals to close the deal. This being said, we must bare in mind the fact that in Italy most of the teams are usually defending like crazy and try to run away with a draw.

Napoli has been one of the squads to benefit the most from this attitude and this won’t be the case on Olympico. AS Roma can’t defend here even if they’d want to, first because the fans won’t allow that and second because their defense is not competitive enough. Instead they should be deadly upfront with the likes of Totti, Borriello and Vucinic, and having such a trident of strikers must get the job done.  Unfortunately Totti is nothing but a pale shadow of the player, who lead Roma to countless victories a few years ago and his scoring ratio is dismal.

Napoli has had ups and downs this year and the way they performed in the Europa League left a lot to be desired. They depend on Cavani to such an extent, that they are unable to react against a team that focuses on annihilating him, even when the opponent is below their value. Roma can deal with this treat easier than most teams, and unless something happens in the first minutes, they will only get more effective.

Betting Tip

Derbies in Italy are  usually low scoring ones, as both teams are more focused on what they can lose rather that what they could gain. For Napoli this is all too real, as they are stuck between a rock and a hard place, with Milan slipping away and Inter coming from behind. They will play it safe for as long as they can, hoping that Cavani will sooner or later work his magic and stun Lobont, who is not among the best goalkeepers.

For Roma the pressure is not that high, as their objective is still within reach and the competition is not that tough. Still if they aim for the Champions League spot and a chance to tie up city rivals Lazio, they can’t accept anything less than a home win. I am willing to trust them against Napoli and take advantage of these juicy odds, confident that once the visitors concede a goal their entire game strategy will crumble.

Betting tip – AS Roma to win.

Match odds

Bookmakers Home Draw Away Betting Bonus Get Bonus
Betfair Sports Betting *2.40 *3.25 *3.60
Party Bets 2.20 3.10 3.30
ladbrokes Sports Betting 2.25 3.20 3.25
William Hill Sports Betting 2.25 3.10 3.40

All odds are at the time of writing and may change before kick off.
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