Aruba Poker Classic: Brandon Hall wins the trophy

Although a lot of the bigger names in poker made it to the final table in the Ultimate Bet and Absolute Poker 2009 Aruba Poker Classic, it was the less known Brandon Hall who ran away with the trophy. With poker names like Robert Mizrachi, Eric Baldwin and Brock Packer at table, it was a tough field to beat, but without eliminating any opponents Hall managed to secure the victory in the end.

Third in chips

Starting the finale table third in chips Hall played carefully and watched his later heads-up opponent Robert Mizrachi knock out most of the other players at the table. But just as everybody thought Mizrachi had it in the bag, Hall changed the momentum by making a big call with just K high and thereby secured a good chiplead.

Rumors have it, that they made a deal Heads-up before the final hand to split the prize between them and play for the last $30.000. And the final hand also played out shortly after the one above, when the players went all in on a 9s8d2c flop. Mizrachi had top pair with 9c6c, while Hall had an open ended straight and over cards to the flop with Js10d.

The turn and river both favored Halls hand with Jd and Qd, which gave him his first big live tournament result, while Mizrachi had to settle for second place this time.

The rest of the table and prizes played out as follow:

1: Brandon Hall — $753,330
2: Robert Mizrachi — $414,680
3: Chase Steely — $218,860
4: Eric Baldwin — $126,710
5: Jose Santos — $92,150
6: Brock Parker — $66,810
7: Matt Ross — $41,470

Congratulations to Brandon Hall with his first big tournament win and the title. A win that seemingly came at the right time, as he stated after the finale table, that he had just endured a big downswing online. But we predict he will manage with the recent win and prize money.

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