Another lawsuit filled against Full Tilt Poker

This time it is not former employees or a professional player endorsing the online poker site who has filled a law suit against poker mastodon Full Tilt Poker. It is two poker players which has decided to claim back $80.000 withheld by Full Tilt Poker who on the other hand are arguing that the two poker players Larry Kennedy and Greg Omotoy have been using software violating the Full Tilt Poker terms and conditions while playing on the site.

The thing about bots

For years it has been a discussion if so called poker bots are able to beat humans in the game of poker. A special research group from the University of Alberta has programmed the poker robot Polaris who on several occasions has been thrown in the ring against some of the most competitive poker players in the world. Phil Laak played against Vexbot in 2005 and ended beating it but reluctantly admitted that he had been dealt some really good cards in the session and that Vexbot might had deserved the win.

In 2007 Phil Laak and Ali Hames took on a game against Polaris which was the newest poker robot edition programmed by University of Alberta researchers. This time the match was to be played in a way that took away the luck factor. Whatever cards were dealt to Phil Laak the Polaris was dealt the same cards in the match against Ali Hames and vice versa. This way the two teams played exactly the same hands against each other and with identical flops, turns and rivers it would be easier to determine if human or machine was the better player. Four rounds of play ended with Polaris winning one match, a tie and two losses.

Polaris won the match

2008 was the year where a new and stronger Polaris ended as the winner in a match (score 3 wins-1 tie-2 losses) held in Las Vegas against 6 professional poker players including the famous Matt “Hoss_TBF” Hawrilenko who is considered the worlds best Texas Hold’em Fixed Limit player.

It is without doubt possible for a machine to beat humans in the game of poker but only under very specific conditions at this point in time. Poker is a very complex game that changes depending on number of players at the table, the player types playing in the specific game and tons of other parameters who define the correct actions in a given hand. However it is only the Polaris who has shown this strength and any website trying to sell a poker bot should be looked upon as a fraudulent scam and we recommend never downloading such software as it will cause user a lot of grief.

Full Tilt Poker will do what they can do prove the two aforementioned players used robots when they played. Not because Full Tilt Poker want to keep the small pocket change $80.000 is for them but to tell the online poker players that the Full Tilt poker software will detect and make sure that any and all use of machinery that is not in compliance with the terms and conditions are subject to penalties like frozen accounts and funds being blocked.

Offer valid as of date published. T&Cs apply.