Absolute Poker sign Trishelle Cannatella

Signing Trishelle Cannatella does not really match Full Tilt Poker’s recent signing of Tom ”Durrrr” Dwan but surely most poker players will find it more pleasant to play against Cannatella than Durrrr. The celebrity star is not a novice to poker at all and has already played in several tournaments including the Celebrity Invitational 2008 and 2009.

Super Bowl commercial

Many poker players most likely have seen the beautiful reality star without knowing as she was part of a GoDaddy.com commercial running in the breaks during the Super bowl 2007 final. Cannatella join the Absolute poker team already consisting of Matt Vengrin and Lacey Jones where Cannatella’s role will be to endorse Absolute Poker as a celebrity star.

The online poker rooms recently have seen quite a few new faces signing contracts and Doyle Brunson could present a new team member to his team of young players this week. This time Doyle managed to get 22 year old Dani “Ansky” Stern to put his signature on a contract and Dani, already having won more than $1.000.000 in tournament winnings and well known in the US due to his participation in the G4 TV show “2 months 2millions”, is to be considered a scoop for team Brunson. The team is supposedly going to sign ten young poker stars and so far five players have accepted to endorse Doyle’s room which is part of the Cake Poker network.

The four others

Chris Moorman, Alec Torelli, Amit Makhija and Zachary Clark are the four other members of the team so far and it will be exciting to follow if any of the young guns will do well in WSOP 2010 who the last two years have been won by young internet players (2008 Peter Eastgate, 2009 Joseph Cada).

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