Absolute Poker Announces Software Update

absolute-pokerWhen players are logging in to their Absolute Poker account today they will be met with a new upgraded version of the software. The most significant change in the November update is the implementation of Synchronized Breaks which are a great feature that really improves the player experience. Usually when playing more than one tournament at a time the tournaments went on breaks after 1 hour of play which often caused trouble to many players as it was impossible to leave the computer without missing a hand.

Break every hour

With the Synchronized breaks all tournaments that are synchronized will stop play at the 55th minute of every hour. Regardless of how many tournaments a player play the player will now be able to step away from the screen without missing valuable hands. Poker Tournaments will still have a 5 minute break but as hands always need to be completed before a break begins then the Synchronized tournaments will begin again at different times and players can not rely on a full 5 minute away from the poker tables. Regardless this is a major improvement for all players at Absolute poker who multi table tournaments.

Absolute Poker also updated their lobby layout which has made it easier to navigate the poker room. An improved poker filter option gives players the option to set up their own poker room and leave out tables, stakes and games they are not interested in. On top of this Absolute Poker have also added color coded icons to their cash tables where red symbolize Jackpot tables, green show Turbo tables, Purple tables host the “7 deuce” action tables and finally blue are tables where ante games are played.

Significant improvements

Having tested the new update once again Absolute poker has made significant improvements for their players and they keep being on top of the development of poker software. A great experience awaits Absolute Poker players when they log in and download Absolute Pokers update.

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