7 Deuce Poker at Absolute Poker and Ultimate Bet

7 Deuce Poker At Ultimate Bet and Absolute Poker
We have all seen it on TV. If a player wins the pot with 72 the whole table has to pay him an extra amount of cash. This is called a prop bet. Now online poker giants Absolute Poker and Ultimate Bet have programmed this feature for online poker.

Prop bet for all

All players joining the new 7 deuce tables on one of the mentioned poker rooms have to put up a prop bet. This creates a side pot that can be won if a player manages to either win the pot outright with 7 deuce or bluff his opponents to throw their hands. Any player doing this will take home the side pot. Absolute Poker and Ultimate Bet once again show extremely strong programming skills and constantly add fun features for players.

All players playing the new 7 deuce online poker variation participate in the 7 deuce leaderboards where top 10 players with most 7 deuce wins daily receive an instant cash prizes and the top one 100 within 14 days will be entered into a $5000 freeroll. Backing their new incentive with $27.500 added money shows how determined Absolute Poker is in making this a success.

A new level of skill

No doubt poker just got a different skill level added. Maybe the right tactics are to wait for poker players trying to bluff with the worst hand in poker instead of trying to win with this junk poker hand yourself. Players all over definitely got something to think about in regards of poker strategy. The higher the prop bet the more risky plays suddenly could pay off big time. If the prop bets are small compared to the pots in the game it is most likely not recommend to bluff the 7 deuces to often.

Poker is supposed to be a fun experience and Ultimate Bet and Absolute Poker just made sure that another fun dimension to online poker saw the daylight.

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