2months2millions Episode 3 preview

Episode 3 of 2months2millions will see Emil, Dani, Jay and Brian battle it out against another group of famous online poker players. Who they are remain a secret until this coming Sunday but action are guaranteed as the 2 groups will compete against each other in three different disciplines.

More than just poker

Poker, football and clubbing in Las Vegas. Our 2months2million poker stars do not look like real footballers but maybe their poker abilities and many years of strategic thinking will help them out on the field if their physics are not enough. At least we know all 4 of them have one strong finger after clicking the mouse endless on the online poker tables.

The clubbing contest could end up as a scandal when the poker players are going for the girls. A drinking and scoring contest does not sound like the best cocktail at all for young guys. Who will behave and not make a fool out of himself. Watch Episode 3 and find out.

A new form of poker has been developed in recent years. It is called “live online”. The players sit in front of each their computer but in the same room which give this variation of online poker a live element. Viewers will be witness to a great show following this spectacular form of online poker.

Emil and Dani fighting

2 months 2 million Episode 2 ended with Emil and Dani fighting against each other in the “live online” discipline. Now they take on another group of young internet poker players with money at stake. Will Team Israel be able to beat their poker opponents on the online tables or will we see Dani continuing his bad run and be the one losing it all for the team.

Stay tuned and watch episode 3 when it goes live on G4 TV this coming Sunday.

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