25 Pounds Free Bet on Betfair

25 Pounds of Free Bets For all Bonusriders.com players on Betfair

This coming week on Wednesday September 9th World Cup 2010 qualifiers will be played across Europe at Betfair. A very interesting match is to be played in group 1 where Hungary takes on Portugal.

# Country Matches Won Draw Lost GD Points
1 Denmark 7 5 2 0 11 17
2 Hungary 7 4 1 2 5 13
3 Sweden 7 3 3 1 5 12
4 Portugal 7 2 4 1 4 10
5 Albania 8 1 3 4 -4 6
6 Malta 8 0 1 7 -21 1


Portugal desperately needing the victory to get in to the play off position has to come out blazing when visiting Hungary. Even Portugal showed spirit and world class football Saturday when they played against Denmark then it seems there is no value in backing Portugal on Wednesday.

Betfair sports give players who want to play against Portugal the option to lay them. The current market price (1.62) is definitely worth pursuing. Punters who are not familiar with Betfair should spend a little time getting to know the system of laying odds.

Laying is to play against a team- laying Portugal means that you win if Hungary win the match or keep the score a draw.

Create your account on Betfair and take advantage of the £25 free bet on this match. Currently it is possible to lay Portugal at odds 1.62. A liability of £25 enables you to lay Portugal for £40. If Portugal wins Betfair give you back £25. If Portugal does not win you will have increased your account balance to £63.

Step by step guide how to lay Portugal.

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  • Log in to your Betfair account.
  • Choose Football in the top menu.
  • All football leagues now appear in the left menu. Scroll all the way down to the bottom and click World Cup.
  • Click European Zone.
  • Click Fixtures 09 September.
  • Click on the Hungary- Portugal Match.
  • Click Match Odds
  • Click on Portugal where it is pink (lay is always pink).
  • Make sure you decide what Lay odds you want to offer before submitting your bet.

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