2010 World Cup betting – Winner pick

world-cup-2010The 2010 World Cup is just around the corner, but who has the biggest chance of winning in South Africa. On Bonusriders we have analyzed the favorites and found the best winner pick for the World Cup in South Africa. Our betting advice will be to pick Brazil combined with Argentina as the 2010 World Cup winner. Read more about why in the analysis below.

Historical traditions

One of the biggest factors, in competitions like the World Cup, is without a doubt the historical tradition of the participating countries. In the 18 competitions played so far, only seven countries have won; Brazil (5), Italy (4), Germany (3), Argentina (2), Uruguay (2), France (1) and England (1). More interesting though, is the fact that no European country have won outside Europe. According to stats, eight World Cup competitions have been held outside Europe and no European nation has managed to win yet. At the same time only two countries have won outside their on continent, which are Brazil (three times) and Argentina (one time).

Of cause you can not pick the winner on historical facts alone and the big question is; whether Brazil and Argentina still has, what it takes to repeat history in South Africa this summer?

Argentina must be considered somewhat of a wildcard for the World Cup title. If you look at their qualification alone, it was not that good and the national icon and now coach, Diego Maradona, must do better this summer to stand a chance in South Africa.

This being said, we are quite confident this will be the case. Maradona might not be a world class coach, but on the positive side he has a world class squad to make up for this and more importantly he has Lionel Messi. Coming from what might be his best season ever and with his brilliant abilities overall, Messi could go on to copy Maradona’s masterpiece from 1986 in Mexico, where he lead Argentina to their second World Cup title. At the same time Messi will be joined by great goal scores like Gonzalo Higuain or Diego Milito, which make the Argentinean offense among the most powerful in South Africa this summer.

More stability

Since the qualification they have also shown more stability in the back and especially their 1-0 win in Germany was very impressive. In their last game they defeated Canada 5-0 and overall it looks very promising considering their practice games so far.

The biggest risk is surely their coach Maradona, but their world class squad is among the very best this World Cup has to offer, which make a bet on Argentina at odds 8.00 more than playable.

Brazil will almost always be a good pick for the winner at the World Cup and this time is no different. Even though they haven’t played nearly as well in this qualification and don’t have as many superstar players as normal, they have a more than capable squad. This might even be an advantage for the Brazillian team, which looks more homogenous without any superstar players. At the same time their defense looks stronger than ever before with Julio Cesar on goal and a great defensive line in front of him.

More than any other country Brazil also has the historical facts to back their role as a favorite. A total of 5 World Cup titles speaks for itself and the fact that traditions means more in the World Cup than any other football competition only enhance this fact. Their last title came in 2002 and Dunga’s men must hungry to show the world once again, that Brazil is on top when it comes to the World Cup in Football.

The history will always make Brazil a favorite and with a very capable squad to back it, they are more than playable at odds 6.00.

Sports betters can bet on Brazil or Argentina to win the World Cup on the following sports betting sites, which offer the highest odds on the two teams:

Brazil: odds 6.00 at 888sport.
Argentina: odds 8.00 at William Hill.

We recommend combining the two bets by betting 60% on Brazil and 40% on Argentina, which gives a combined odds of 3.2 on either team to win.

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