2 months 2million Episode 9

Episodes 9 highlights a tomato ambush, a high stakes home game and a Full Tilt Poker clown avatar penalty stunt.

Tomato ambush

Emil wanted to get back at Jay for the prank he made with the water balloons in a prior episode and decided to set up a tomato ambush in the garden. Tomatoes were chosen because Jay hates those and were supposed to be soaked in to tomatoes when the ambush was over. Jay did get a little stain of tomato on him but he managed to go on his own attack and scared away most of the tomato warriors and got to get Emil down to the ground and ended the war as a winner.

The most anticipated high stakes home game also ended as a failure for the team as it was impossible to find some great fish that wanted to participate and only David Williams could be considered one in the $100-200 high stake game taking place in the Vegas mansion. After David lost his buy in of $50.000 he left and the game broke shortly after leaving the team as $30k losers.

Doing better and better

Playing online poker has begun to work better and better during the last few weeks for the team who scored a $108.000 win this week taking the overall winning to $615.000 for the summer. The only loser in episode 9 was Jay who lost $3200 despite an impressive start of the week being up more than $50.000. Jay once again had to do the penalty stunt where he painted in the head as a Full Tilt avatar clown had to beg girls for money to buy him self a red nose. Not especially funny but the girls Jay approached did ante up a few bucks and seemed to find the whole situation hilarious.

To fulfill the quest of winning $2.000.000 during the summer the team need to book a $1.300.000 in episode 10 of 2months2million which is not likely to happen unless they enter the real nosebleed stakes at Full Tilt poker. However even playing $500-1000 would still require the team to get on a real heater to end up with the 2 millions in winnings and playing this high also expose them to even losing the nice profit the did make already.

Follow Episode 10 of 2M2MM on G4 TV next Wednesday and see for yourself how it all ends.

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